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You can't argue with quality

All Embrey attachments are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure your demolition, recycling, material handling, excavation, and earth moving work can be completed with ease. We are Australia's number one choice when it comes to providing industry-leading equipment, ensuring project success in a time friendly manner.

Not only do our Embrey products set a benchmark in quality that others struggle to reach, all LaBounty products are equally made to the highest engineering standard. We only believe in producing and providing the best at a price you can afford, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Embrey attachments for all your project needs

Welcome to Embrey Attachments Pty Ltd, Australia's professional excavator attachment provider.

Embrey Attachments Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Embrey products for processing and handling materials in the demolition, scrap, waste, recycling and construction and earthmoving industries. We also distribute LaBounty products to help you with all your projects no matter how big or small.

Embrey Attachments Complete Service

We can offer you a complete service without having to rely on anyone else. We also specialise in repairs, rebuilds, maintenance and fabrication of all types of equipment and attachments and in an extensive range of heavy engineering work and we also supply new steel.