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Embrey Mini Demolition Shears

Embrey Attachments have a range of shears specifically designed for use in demolition and recycling industries.

The specification sheet for the Embrey range of Mini Demolition Shears can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here
Embrey Mini Demolition Shears

Designed for use in demolition and recycling industries on a quickhitch to work at full reach. The reverse ported cylinder keeps the high tensile chrome rod protected inside the body of the shear.

Embrey Mini Demolition Shears have a high power to weight ratio for a fuller cutting force.

Suitable for:

  • Cutting steel beams
  • Channels
  • Plate
  • Pipes
  • Tyres
  • Reo
  • Concrete
  • And much more

Manufactured on site in Pakenham, Victoria. Designed to our specifications or yours!

Embrey EDS5R

Excavator size: 3-6T

Force at throat: 100T

Embrey EDS5R

Embrey EDS8

Excavator size: 7-13T

Force at throat: 210T

Embrey EDS8

Embrey EDS12R

Excavator size: 12-20T

Force at throat: 330T

Embrey EDS12R