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Embrey Rail Breaker

Specifically designed to break 65kg rail, our manufacturing process of the Rail Breaker (ERB) has undergone some significant improvements over time. From larger more efficient blades to armouring and reinforcing the body of shear.

The Embrey ERB Railbreaker specification sheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here
Embrey ERB30

The ERB provides a more safe and efficient process of recycling rail therefore no more oxy cutting.

The ERB is purpose built all Australian design with outstanding power to weight ratio, Abrasion resistant, high strength alloy construction for minimum weight and maximum durability

The cutting blades are high tensile 2 way indexable blades, providing 4 cutting edges.

Embrey Railbreaker

The Embrey ERB30

Embrey Railbreaker In Action

The Embrey ERB30

Rail broken with ERB30

broken rail

Embrey Rail Breaker In Action
Break Rail with ease