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Embrey Heavy Duty Grapples Range

Embrey HDR grapples are the original Heavy Duty Grapple. Embrey Attachments introduced these grapples into Australia in the 80’s and has only made minor improvements since. They are suitable for any severe duty application like handling scrap metal or rocks. The boxed tynes can handle the full break out force of the excavator on each individual tyne. Wear kits are available for severe work like handling abrasive Granite rock.

They are available with different numbers of tynes or as a hydraulic grapple or even as a rotary grapple.

The HDR & HD range of grapples, custom made or standard, 5,7 or 9 tyne. Our smallest suits 1.5t excavator, through to as large as you need.

All grapples come with mounting pad for boom and a standard arm, optional Embrey Attachments Quick Arm available. Rotary option on all models available. Single or twin hydraulic cylinder models available.

The HDR & HD range suitable for:

  • Scrap metal handling
  • Green waste handling
  • Heavy demolition
  • Land Clearing

Available with pointed or square tips

The specification sheet for the Embrey range of Heavy Duty Grapples can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here

Browse a selection of our grapples range:

Embrey HDR 120

The Embrey HDR 120

Embrey 7 tyne hydraulic grapple

7 tyne hydraulic grapple

Embrey HDR Grapple in action
HDR Grapple in action
Embrey HDR Grapple with pointed tips

Embrey HDR Grapples

Embrey HDR120 Hydraulic Cylinder

Embrey HDR120 Hydraulic cylinder

Embrey HDR90R in action

Embrey HDR90R

Embrey HDR120

Embrey HDR120

Embrey HDR200 Grapple in action

Embrey HDR200

Embrey HDR140

Embrey HDR140

Embrey HDR20 Grapple

Embrey HDR20