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Embrey Attachments Quickhitch Wood Shears

Quickhitch woodshears are a simple budget alternative to hydraulic woodshears. Can be used with or without a Quickhitch. Warning: A strong fabricated steel quickhitch is required if used with a manual woodshear.

The Embrey QWS Quickhitch Woodshears are designed for land clearing and wood waste recycling applications involving the downsizing of trees, stumps, logs, and sleepers.

The Embrey Quickhitch Wood Shears specification sheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here
Embrey Quickhitch Wood Shear

Designed for 16t – 45t machines, the QWS produces a greater force due to the shortened distance from pivot to tip.

  • Hook ups push directly onto the jaw - no torque tubes.
  • Available with a quick release stiff arm (Quickarm) to enable fitting in seconds.
  • Great at removing dirt and rocks resulting in less tub grinder maintenance and a cleaner by-product.
  • Gusseted upper jaw has a smaller blade cut out which reduces jaw twisting.
  • Upper jaw passes through lower jaw giving a complete cut.
  • Gripping teeth and apex in lower jaw eliminates spitting out of logs.


Quickhitch Wood Shear Model QWS20