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Embrey Attachments Quickhitch Concrete Pulverisers

Separate steel from concrete and downsize prior to crushing with the Embrey range of Concrete Pulverisers.

The specification sheet for the Embrey range of Quickhitch Concrete Pulverisers can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here
Embrey Quickhitch Concrete Pulverisers

The Embrey Mechanical Quickhitch Concrete pulveriser is a simple, robust and economical way to separate the steel reinforcement from concrete prior to crushing so it reduces damage and wear to the crusher and provides a cleaner recycled end-product. The Embrey QHP concrete pulverisers can be used on a quickhitch or directly pinned to the excavator. Replaceable pin on teeth make maintenance quick and easy.

Due to the harsh nature of concrete pulverizing a heavy duty fabricated steel quickhitch is required for use with mechanical concrete pulverisers.

Embrey Quickhitch Pulveriser

Embrey Quickhitch Pulveriser

Embrey QHP80 Concrete Pulveriser

Embrey QHP80

Embrey Quickhitch Pulveriser

Embrey QHP Pulveriser