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Embrey Attachments Hydraulic Concrete Pulverisers

Separate steel from concrete and downsize prior to crushing with the Embrey range of Concrete Pulverisers.

The specification sheet for the Embrey range of Hydrualic Concrete Pulverisers can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here
Embrey Hydraulic Concrete Pulveriser

The Embrey ECP Hydraulic Concrete Pulveriser is designed for heavy use in the demolition and recycling industries to separate steel from concrete and downsize prior to crushing. Rotary models are also available.

The ECP Pulverisers have one of the highest power to weight ratios available. Featuring a reverse ported cylinder so the rod stays protected inside the body. The ECP25 and above have replaceable pin on teeth and all models have reo cutting blades.

Embrey ECP40 Rotary concrete pulveriser

The Embrey ECP40 Rotary Pulveriser

Embrey ECP 25 Hydraulic Pulveriser

Designed for 20-35t Excavators, the ECP25 Hydraulic Pulveriser has 128t crushing force at its tip.


Hydraulic Pulveriser Model ECP40