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Embrey Attachments Hydraulic Wood Shears

Ideal for land clearing, the Embrey range of wood shears offers unrivaled performance.

The Embrey Hydraulic Wood Shears specification sheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF link below.

Download from here
Embrey Hydraulic Wood Shear

The Embrey HWS Hydraulic Wood Shear is ideal for land clearing and wood waste recycling applications involving the downsizing of tree stumps, logs, railroad sleepers and wood demolition debris.

  • Maximum reach and cutting force with minimum weight.
  • Easily splits large stumps and oversized material
  • Excels in wood waste recycling and land clearing operations
  • Great at removing dirt and rocks resulting in less grinder maintenance and a cleaner by-product
  • Milled one piece upper jaw, cutting blade and piercing tip made from a single plate of high tensile steel for maximum strength.
  • Shrouded cylinder with no external hoses.
  • Tough, durable construction.
  • Available for 5t machines and up.

We like to ensure our products work before sending to work, here is one we tested at our manufacturing plant

Embrey HWS25

The Embrey HWS25

Embrey Wood Shears In Action
Wood Shear Clearing